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Five key points to consider cloud computing

The five points to consider in order to check if your business is ready to invest in the cloud are:
1. Lower Cost of Ownership: cloud storage means you don’t have to buy, maintain or upgrade on-site server hardware and you can save money on IT contractors and to use it for other areas of your business.
2. Dependability: cloud solution providers like Amazon, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft staff trained personnel not only offer cloud solutions, but also an instant off-site backup solution and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
3. Scalability: cloud solutions can grow together with the increasing demand of your employees and customers.
4. Mobility: data streaming from the cloud is available anywhere there is an Internet connection.
5. Future-Proofing: compared with hardware and software that depreciate quickly, become slow and less efficient as soon as new, fast technology emerge, cloud providers keep updated and offer their customers always the best solution.

Is Cloud Computing for You? Five Points to Consider


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