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Cloud Computing: Duality Between IT and Business

Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions and Andy Mulholland, the Global Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President at Capgemini, discussed cloud computing and the dual relationship between IT and business.
IT revolutionizes infrastructure and business because it is related to they way businessmen make their companies more efficient. That includes transactions management, cost reduction, automatic processes, and so on.
Revolution involves transforming the way people do business, the way they organise their business and their business models and getting into new markets to increase profit.
Innovation, data sharing and transference are essential to deal with the outside world, such as: customers and partners. But at the same time security and protection must not be a issue.
Technology cannot be used only internally because staff, customers, and other suppliers are all working externally and information, process, and services have to be accessible to all on an Internet market or architecture.
The change involves both business and technology; this dual model has to be properly addressed and managed in order to make money out of it.

Capgemini’s CTO on Why Cloud Computing Exposes the Duality Between IT and Business


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