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Automation and job shift

People, especially employees, fear automation, because it changes their lives and potentially affects their livelihood, too. However, automation is a natural process that has taken place since the Industrial Revolution and economic, operational, and business-enablement benefits of IT automation are so strong that nobody can stop them.

The Analyst Glenn O’Donnell states that “the future of service management is an automated one”. When you automate a job, the machine will reduce human work and maybe even eliminate it. As a consequence, some IT roles (such as improperly staffed administrator positions) will decrease, but there’s no point in having fear of progress and of losing their own job. On the other hand, employees’ work will shift and new jobs will be created: staff members should take advantage of this opportunity and show their technical talent to their best potentials.

The new infrastructure and operations (I&O) jobs that will be created include:
- automation architect to design, implement, and maintain the automation systems;
- service manager who possess ultimate responsibility for the services and service delivery, even though they might not be able to write the code, tweak the network, or negotiate third-party service;
- process manager who has ultimate responsibility for the processes;
- engineering service designer;
- financial manager;
- IT marketing manager to improve company communication skills, understand their customer segments and promote and develop awareness and use of the services IT provides.
- sourcing and vendor manager;
- capacity manager to anticipate resource shortages and correct before they occur;
- problem manager to identify and resolve recurring problems;
- knowledge engineer to encourage, enforce, and create a knowledge management process and disseminate knowledge across the organization.

Also cloud computing is involved in this process: it provides you with more effective tools enabling you to deploy machine instead of people, and enabling staff members to focus on intellectual work rather than on repetitive, time-consuming activities.

Let machine automate processes that save you time and money and offer your employees a job that better suits their skills!

Don’t ask your staff members to do what a machine can do, let them concentrate and develop new strategies to get new customers or take care about old one!

This is the main idea on which Elatos Web has developed its cloud, fully integrated, multiplatform ERP software solution on demand and which it has been spreading for over than 10 years now!


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