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Cloud computing skills are now essential even for non-IT position

An analysis conducted on job ads by Wanted Analytics, a company which tracks the hiring marketplace, reveals that cloud computing skills are required not only for computer specialists and programmers, but also for non-IT positions, such as: marketing managers, sales managers, customer service representatives, and even cargo and freight agents.
This happens because a cloud-based software doesn’t involve only IT departments but additional business areas, too. Therefore it is essential that also other fields understand and work with cloud-based application.
Figures confirm this trend: over the last three months more than 2.400 companies placed more than 10.000 job ads demanding cloud computing skills. That means hiring demand increased 61% compared with last year.
In that period San Francisco was the area with the highest volume of job ads for cloud computing skills: more than 1.000 job descriptions were placed, with a 95% year-over-year growth. Other cities with high demand included Seattle, San Jose, Washington DC, and New York.

Cloud Computing Skills in Demand, Even Among Non-IT Positions


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