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NIST SP 800-144: Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud

According to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), users are responsible for the security and privacy of their data stored on the public cloud and therefore these issues cannot be delegated to cloud providers.
NIST issued a “Special Publication 800-144: Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing” to help organizations to deal in security matters.
NIST states security recommendations are necessary for all types of IT and not only for cloud computing and that their advice are addressed not only to people responsible for IT, security and cloud platforms, but also to all users.
NIST suggests that organizations carefully plan security and privacy solutions, and make sure the cloud system meets all their needs before implementing and deploying cloud applications.
SP 800-144 belongs to a series of special publications issued by NIST and together with other Federal Information Processing Standards give guidelines for security in the cloud.

NIST Issues Public Cloud Computing Guidance


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