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How To Use Online Cloud For Communication Purposes

Cloud solutions provide access to web-based, multiple computing resources thanks to an online network. That means users can access software, store data and share resources without having to install, configure or manage unwanted additional resources.

Similarly, Cloud telephony offers advanced features such as: the possibility to:
- play audio and video files,
- transfer calls to multiple locations,
- call a quick conference,
- play a greeting message,
- dial an extension number,
- record your conversation.

Other advantages are:
- you can route inbound voice calls: customers wanting to make queries call a single phone number and then the call can be transferred to remote located agents;
- you can analyse call data;
- you can automatically call customers if there’s a link to the online customer database;
- you can run polls, contests or survey software for your customers;
- calls can be recorded.

Cloud Telephony-How To Use Online Cloud For Communication Purposes


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