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Magnumcloud enters courtrooms

On the occasion of Berezovsky versus Abramovich litigation, London’s High Court has opted for cloud computing system.
MagnumCloud, so it’s called, was the best solution to sort out the estimated 15,000 documents comprised of 200,000 sheets of paper that will be used during the trial.
Thanks to MagnumCloud both ­parties and the judge have secure access to transcripts of evidence and all related documents, including all research and related case law at any point from anywhere in the world. Moreover footnotes can be hyperlinked to supporting evidence and, in filmed arbitrations, witness evidence can be streamed.
Another cloud system is the so-called Innovator One trial, that enables one party to watch the trial from inside a European prison, where he is being detained. From inside his cell he is able to access all evidence presented at the trial, either orally or in a ­written format; make notes on the case that can be shared with his allied ­parties; and create his own bundles of evidence to link in with the ­evidence.

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