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Catbird launches vSecurity 5.0 for Virtualized and Cloud Computing

Catbird, the pioneer in comprehensive security and compliance for virtual, cloud and physical networks, has launched vSecurity 5.0.
vSecurity 5.0 guarantees security, control, visibility and efficienty on cloud platforms and therefore enables to benefit from the economic and technical advantages of virtualization.
vSecurity 5.0 offers a lot of functions, such as: access control, intrusion detection, secure auditing and automated protection for virtual machines, virtual networks, hypervisor management and associated physical assets.
Other features include:
- Compliance Radar Graph to check compliance and to alert in case of noncompliance;
- Automated Asset Inventory for accurate inventories;
- Network Flow Mapping to regulate access controls and check suspicious communication;
- Policy Automation to set policies and automatically administer them.

Catbird® Unveils Next Generation Security for Virtualized and Cloud Computing


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