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Business Intelligence in the cloud

Business Intelligence (BI) is a function to analyse data and turn it into valuable business information.
Since data and applications have migrated into the cloud, new data sources are available and BI providers are finding new solutions to capitalise on them. This situation has both advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include:
- scalability: cloud-based and Software-as-a-Service solutions can be used by companies of all shapes and sizes;
- easy of entry: costs are low because there is no software license nor start-up costs;
- cost: companies pay a fee only for those services they use;

On the other hand, challenges concern:
- the physical, network and external security;
- emerging technology: unexpected glitches may occur;
- data movement: as cloud-based solutions depend on multiple systems, they could be not so reliable as in-house system.

Business Intelligence in the Cloud


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