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“Cloud Check-What’s Your Next Move?” New series of events in 2012

“Cloud Check-What’s Your Next Move?” is a series of free events focused on cloud computing that has been announced by Zenith Infotech, an international company specialised in delivering innovative business continuity and cloud computing for IT service providers.
These events will begin in Mid-January in Los Angeles and will continue throughout 30 U.S. cities as well as South East Asia and the Middle East.
“Cloud Check-What’s Your Next Move?” aims to help IT service providers to:
- set goals,
- to develop effective marketing programs,
- increase sells,
- ease all operations.
Improving cloud computing business and sharing knowledge and strategies will have positive effect on the whole business.
As there isn’t a single strategy suitable for all companies, attendees require thoughtful evaluation, comprehensive planning and technical savvy and have to be able to make the right choices for themselves.

‘Cloud Check-What’s Your Next Move?’ New Event Series Launch In 2012


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