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EcomNets is Sponsoring Green IT and Cloud Summit 2012

EcomNets is sponsoring the Green IT and Cloud Computing 2.0 Summit as a Gold Sponsor hosted by the Green IT Council, which will be held at the Sheraton Premiere near Washington DC on 18th April 2012.
The Green IT Council is a leading Green and Sustainable IT, and cloud computing association dedicated to the energy efficient computing across the enterprise, data center, and society.
The Summit 2012 is aimed to rejoin leaders from both private and public sectors to transform into actionable plans the ideas around sustainable information technology that came out in 2010 regarding clean energy, water efficiency, achieving zero waste, greening the supply chain, and sustainable communities.
The Symposium also provides a forum to forge the strategic alliances and partnerships necessary to realize the promise of sustainable IT for federal, state and local agencies.

EcomNets is Sponsoring Green IT and Cloud Summit 2012 as a Gold Sponsor


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