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Service-oriented cloud computing infrastructure guidelines

The Open Group is a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium creating standards and certification programs and has released a set of standards for service-oriented cloud computing infrastructure (SOCCI).
These guidelines distinguish traditional infrastructure, which exists physically, from cloud infrastructure, which relies on virtualization.
They have been realised for enterprise architects, SOA architects, infrastructure architects, IT strategists and other standards organisations because their aim is that service-oriented components for infrastructure are provided as a service in the cloud.
SOCCI guidelines divide the architectural building blocks (ABBs) into two separate sets: business and operational. The business ABBs include metering, billing and location management; while the operational ABBs are virtualization, monitoring, capacity, performance, provisioning and configuration management.
SOCCI guidelines will also be discussed in blogs and communities in order to get feedback from users.

Service-oriented cloud computing infrastructure guidelines released


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