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Suffolk County Council switches to cloud systems

Trend show cloud computing will become the most chosen solution in the public sector and more customised solutions will be developed when the market grows.
For example Suffolk County Council has adopted a cloud-based project management system in order to improve the way its employees work together: cloud flexibility guarantees financial advantages and the possibility for all staff to use it when needed.
And now local authority has already found both financial and operational benefits by using the Smartsheet system provided by the US-based company of the same name.
After having ran a number of trials, collected feedback and implemented the system, Suffolk has gradually extended its use through a number of projects, including planning for the future developments of the country parks in the county, and the procurement of contracts for its highways maintenance.
The application includes features that are designed to support matrix working, such as automated updates and alerts and the capacity to hold a range of documents in familiar formats such as Excel, MS Project, PDF and Google Docs. This enables the council to share relevant information such as work plans and packages, risks, milestones and stakeholder engagement plans. Thus helps to achieve results quickly, reduce duplication and monitor progress in real time.
In addition to operational advantages, there are also financial benefits: Suffolk pays an annual subscription to use the system, i.e. it only pays for the service it uses.

Suffolk county council goes cloud for collaborative working


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