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5 surprising Cloud Computing Statistics

Let’s see some of the most interesting statistics about Cloud Computing:

1. $150 Billion is the size cloud computing market will reach by 2013 according to a Gartner’s study. Or $160 Billion according to another research conducted by Merrill Lynch. Although these figures seem to be overestimated, experts predict such a high rate because more and more business are rapidly switching to cloud computing.

2. $750 Million is the Amazon’s Web Services’ expected profit in 2011
according to UBS analysts. Since 2006 AWS has been providing businesses with an infrastructure web services platform based in the cloud and their revenue reached $500 Million in 2010.

3. 7/10 companies that use cloud services will move new applications to the cloud according to a Mimecast’s study.
At the beginning companies test cloud services with only some of their data and applications and only when their are satisfied with the new system they are ready to switch over to the cloud.

4. 54% of those surveyed believe security is the main concern, especially for industries dealing with sensitive data, according to a LinkedIn’s research. However, cloud providers are now compliant with numerous security regulations and so this type of industries feel confident in using cloud computing. As a matter of fact, in a study conducted by Mimecast, 57% of respondents actually feel cloud computing security has increased compared to traditional methods for computing and data back up.

5. 60% is the amount of server workloads that will be virtualized by 2014 according to a Gartner’s research. This is a huge figure compared with 2008, when only 12% of server workloads were virtualized. Cloud virtualisation has numerous advantages: companies avoid purchasing and storing physical hardware, which is expensive and inefficient. Moreover they can reduce their carbon footprint by outsourcing their workload to data centres, many of which have advanced equipment and procedures to reduce consumption and that helps environment.

5 Cloud Computing Statistics You May Find Surprising


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