European cloud lag

According to a recent survey conducted in nine EU countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom), less than a quarter (24%) of pc users access cloud services such as online email services and online word processing. Moreover 65% are unfamiliar with cloud computing as they stated they have never heard of it or have only heard the name.
These results were compared with those of a similar survey conducted for BSA by Ipsos Public affairs worldwide: 34 percent globally use cloud computing.
Even though European economies could benefit from cloud computing as it allows governments, enterprises and consumers to use software and IT resources more efficiently and cost-effectively, most EU computer users miss this opportunity as they have too little understanding of cloud computing.
Familiarity with cloud computing and its use vary significantly across the different countries: it reaches 39% in Romania and in Greece, while the rate is lower in more developed countries: 17% in Germany, 18% in Belgium, 19% in France.
Europe-wide 86% of cloud users deploy gratis cloud services and only 29% use it for business purposes, compared with 33% globally.
The most commonly used cloud applications in Europe are: email (79%), online word processing (36%) and photo storage and online games (both 35%).
In autumn the European Commission will release its Cloud Computing Strategy for the European Union to foster uptake and growth of cloud in the EU Market: the creation of a single cloud market that is globally integrated will let users to choose freely among different cloud services and will allow European cloud providers to grow outside Europe, too.


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