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Small & Medium-Sized Businesses have already benefited from cloud computing

Business Web Hosting Plans conducted a survey of over 500 businesses to find out if and how small and medium-sized businesses are adapting to cloud computing technology.
25% of respondent businesses have been using cloud solutions for 2.5 years, and 75% even longer.
Small and medium-sized businesses have benefits when choosing cloud platforms such as cost savings, because no licenses are required.
On the other hand, users’ worries concern security, interoperability, compliance, reliability, privacy, and cost.
According to Business Web Hosting Plans, these concerns are logical but non legitimate, because cloud applications are as secure as in-house solutions, data transferring is fast and easy and technology is advancing so rapidly that any problems can be easily resolved.

Cloud Computing Survey Illustrates the Changing Attitudes of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses


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