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Findings of a landmark IDC/IDG Enterprise Survey

According to top information technology executives cloud computing will have significant impact on IT organizations, IT vendors and on the enterprises they support.
Findings of a landmark IDC/IDG Enterprise Survey show that:
- more than 70 percent of those surveyed believe that by 2014, a third of all IT organisations will be providers of cloud services to customers or business partners;
- almost 80 percent of respondents think that cloud service brokers that provide integration, management, security and other services across public cloud offerings will be industry leaders by 2015;
- two-thirds of those surveyed warn that several IT vendors are risking a lot in the transition to the cloud over the next three years;
- nearly half of respondents believe that either reliability nor security will be concerns by 2015;
- more than 80 percent of the IT executives surveyed said that one-third of Fortune 1000 (i.e. the list of the 1000 largest American companies on the basis of their revenues) enterprises will deploy at least one business-critical system in the cloud;
- more than half of the respondents think that mobile-optimised cloud services will be a primary interface with customers by 2014.

Cloud Will Have Dramatic Impact on IT Organizations…


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