ELATOS WEB functions and services meet all customers' needs thanks to ERP, CRM and E-commerce fully integrated in this software solution.

ELATOS WEB is an integrated web-based business software including ERP, CRM and E-commerce. Using a single web-based database guarantees unrepeated, always updated data and allows you to run your business in a click anywhere, anytime, saving time and money.

This ERP on-demand is suitable for all business activities: commerce, services, manufacturing. It’s intuitive and easy to use. You can manage all information in a single window.

With the software solution ELATOS WEB you can easily manage:
erp on-demand, online crm

  • ERP;
  • CRM;
  • e-commerceB2B;
  • e-commerceB2C;
  • content managed e-commerce;
  • web catalogues;
  • Internet marketing;
  • the whole sale and purchase process;
  • accounting;
  • warehouse;
  • document sharing;
  • sales team.

ELATOS WEB, the ERP on-demand, offers numerous services and functions that will simplify the way you run your company and will help you manage all business activities.

Are you looking for an advanced management software solution? You are now on the right web site!

With ELATOS WEB, an innovative, web-based software solution, starts a new era for business management!

ELATOS WEB is an ERP on-demand, a SaaS software which combines US experience in CRM procedures with the business and management criteria of the best European companies.

But what does Saas mean? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. In the US SaaS is already very popular, but elsewhere companies are starting now to understand its great advantages. Let’s briefly step backwards to see how business management software has evolved during the years:

In the ’60s the first mainframes (such as IBM S36) appeared: they were huge systems with client terminals connected to them.

In the ’70s the first PCs came on the market and since then PCs have grown rapidly as a valide alternative to IBM systems. Thanks to Microsoft, company networks were created with PCs connected to a central server where they shared a set of applications.

Since year 2000 thousands of computers have been all connected together to share a FREE network thanks to Internet. That was a historic turning point. As a matter of fact the diffusion of high-speed Internet connections has made possible to access applications directly from the web. That’s what Cloud Computing is about: renting a site in a datacenter instead of having your own server in house. That means you no longer have to buy a software, you just use it. Software as a Service.

In 2002 the first online ERP was released in the US and with that the growing process began.

We were the first to believe that also a business management service could be provided to help you with your daily business activities, such as: to access company databases, create, enter and archive invoices, check your stock, print a balance sheet… anywhere and by any devices.

In 2005 we had about 2.000 users and we provided them with new modules.

In 2009 the integrated business intelligence was released.

Today more than 5.000 companies are using ELATOS WEB, an ERP on-demand with fully integrated CRM and E-commerce that provides a web-based business management software solution accessible from any devices, anytime, anywhere.

This figure confirms we are on the right track. Our success allows us to constantly invest in order to improve our business management service worldwide.

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Thanks to cloud ERP ELATOS WEB you can access your data anytime, anywhere, from any devices

ELATOS WEB offers countless advantages.

First of all, there are no start-up costs. No initial investment means saving money. Nowadays it is crucial to define costs and to know how to reduce them. A “normal” business management software is very expensive if you add together installation, license and server costs. With ELATOS WEB you pay-as-you-go: one single monthly fee, varying according to the number of users, from €1/day, a remarkable difference!

No servers, no installation required. All updates are free of charge and you get them automatically. You do not have to buy any license nor you have to install any software on your pc, you just pay a monthly subscription fee starting from €25 for each user and you can run your business smoother!

ELATOS WEB is a web-base software solution accessible from the web, through any operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and through any devices (PC, smartphone, Ipad), anytime, anywhere. You just need an Internet connection.

erp on-demand, crm online

No specific IT or bookkeeping skills are required. You no longer have to use complicated Excel sheets or elaborated db access.

Subscribe now in just 1 click: that’s only €25/month/user, less than €1/day! And we offer a 30-day free trial!

You will receive your login details immediately after subscription. In 24 hours you will be able to run your new ELATOS WEB in its latest version because our software is constantly updated.


By filling in this form, you will send us a request to use ELATOS WEB.

After that you will be asked to complete the subscription through paypal.

Subscribe now! You will receive your access details within 24 hours. You can start immediately and import your whole database from an Excel sheet.

We trust ELATOS WEB, the web-based business management software solution including ERP, CRM and E-commerce, can fulfill all your needs. If it doesn’t, feel free to unsubscribe at any time, there are no contract restrictions, no long term commitment.

ELATOS WEB is an ERP on-demand which provides:

  • High-level safety: we have more than 30 dedicated servers with automatic backups. But you can save your data on your own every time you wish to.

  • High scalability: you can start with one user and then add more, as long as your business grows. In the unlucky event of decreasing turnover, you can decrease the number of users too.

  • More than 300 modules available 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. All ELATOS WEB functions are available for all users (unless you decide to limit your employees’ access). That means you can always use everything at no additional costs.

  • Independent management of multilingual modules.

  • Great adaptability: choose the device you prefer and the operative system you like the most (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac). You can use ELATOS WEB also on your smartphone or iPad. You just need an Internet connection to run your business.

  • Safeguard of your data: we guarantee your privacy. All data belong to you, nobody else can consult or use them. At any time you can download and save them on your computer.

  • Unrepeated data and a coherent and consistent flow of information, so there is no risk for divergent or redundant data. A single database, which is high-performing also with huge records, undergoes the most strict safety measures.

ELATOS WEB is a real international ERP on-demand with integrated CRM and E-commerce. It provides a lot of flexible functions available for all your company activities. This web-based business management software is constantly updated and improvements are available for all users in real time without additional costs. ELATOS WEB is ideal for very small businesses as well as for bigger companies. As a matter of fact we have a consolidated experience for groups until 100 users.

Outsource IT problems, choose ELATOS WEB!

ELATOS WEB is an ERP on-demand with CRM and E-commerce fully integrated in the business management software. This guarantees your company becomes more productive because your employees can focus on your core-business and on more profitable activities, while we take care of your IT problems.

Thanks to long experience in providing software solutions for companies of any types, ELATOS WEB has developed a business management software that meets all customers’ needs and provides more than 50 verticalised software solutions.

This business management software is so easy-to-use and flexible that you can switch to ELATOS WEB without training and you can import data from other business software in a completely indipendent way.

You don’t need IT or bookkeeping skills to be able to use ELATOS WEB because all functions of this ERP on-demand are computerised and controls avoid mistakes due to lack in specific knowledge.

But it is essential to understand the importance of information and their correct management: coherent and consistent, accurate and precise data guarantees data sharing with ELATOS WEB.

ELATOS WEB is a low-cost business management software which provides complex data and it can be compared with international solutions: this ERP on-demand provides the same results, customised solutions at low costs.

ELATOS WEB is secure, versatile, high performing and is already used by more than 5.000 companies worldwide. What are you waiting for?

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ELATOS WEB is the business management software solution that enables you to globalise your company, integrate data and save money!

This ERP on-demand provides a single, web-based database: as all information are fully integrated in the business management software, there is no data redundancy and a horizontal information flow allows data is available for both internal staff and external users at the same time.

With ELATOS WEB you can share your data with all your partners such as business consultant or sales team.

Your BUSINESS CONSULTANT can safely access your company data, check it, share information and advise you in good time.

Your SALES TEAM can log in through a pc, notebook or ipad and directly enter orders, check their own sales and commision trends.

Your CUSTOMERS can autonomously manage their orders and enter them directly in your company database via web.

E-commerce B2B is already integrated in this business management software and this guarantees orders and quotations are automatically processed by the system and so it is not necessary to enter them manually.

erp ondemand, crm online

Safety and safeguard of company data is one of the biggest concerns related to cloud computing.

IT infrastructures used by ELATOS WEB guarantee high-level safety both inside and outside the company.

Data are stored by data-centers specific for business confidential information that use the most modern hardware and software firewalls.

Automatic backups at different times and on servers at a remote location guarantee high-level reliability.

It’s obvious that no small businesses can invest as much as ELATOS WEB does on data safety and therefore there are no doubts that company data are safer thanks to this ERP on-demand.

erp ondemand, crm online

ELATOS is a Greek word meaning FLEXIBILITY. ELATOS WEB is a modular, flexible software solution suitable for businesses of any types.

This ERP on-demand keeps growing and providing new, innovative solutions for its customers because ELATOS WEB aims to grow together with its users.

This business management software is constantly evolving: all ELATOS WEB customers use the same ERP software solution, because it is totally web-based and no installation is required. Implementations for a customer could interest other customers, too and the whole community can benefit of ELATOS WEB vertical solutions.

ELATOS WEB provides great adaptability. No business server is required, a personal computer or even a mobile phone is enough to use this web-based solution. ELATOS WEB mobile solutions and app for business guarantee you can use this web-based business solution:

  • with any operating systems (not only Windows, but also Mac and Linux),

  • from any devices (pc, iPad, tablet, notebook)

  • anytime,

  • anywhere,

you just need an Internet connection.

Therefore ELATOS WEB enables: telework, data sharing and data access, globalisation, customers, suppliers and sales team to access particular information.

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  • 100% uptime
  • 100% cloud

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