At Elatos Web we are the Internet Commerce Engineers!

Cloud software solutions enable users to significantly reduce costs. Statistics show 70% of businesses have already moved to the cloud or are planning to do so and a lot of companies will increase their cloud deployment in the next two years.

Companies can benefit from cloud computing in many ways:
- as there are no initial costs and no software to buy, companies can save up to 90% compared with traditional software;
- companies can also save time as no installation is required and therefore they can focus on their core business;
- cloud software guarantees great flexibility and users can access anytime, anywhere;
- it also provides high scalability as capacity can be scaled up and down to meet demand.

Elatos Web is a complete, integrated, web-based business software solution. Elatos Web provides a unique web solution to manage your business anywhere, anytime. Stay update while on the go with mobile apps. Data sharing and real time updates guarantee users have access to the same information, no matter if they are in the office or on the go.
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All Elatos Web functions are integrated, also the e-commerce solution!

With Elatos Web your ecommerce is gratis! No additional fee, ecommerce tools are integrated in the cloud business software solution together with ERP and CRM.

In a click you can select among the products available in your warehouse, the ones that you want to display or sell on your ecommerce. Specific tools allow you to extract products according to different filter such as: brand, product category or images, to name but a few.
No need to manually enter product details, description or availability. Select which information you want to display on your ecommerce website and then the system makes them available for your visitors and keeps them update with your warehouse as well as product database in realtime.
Let website visitors enter their orders directly over the Internet, and in a click you can convert customer orders into supplier orders and customer invoices, dispatch goods to your visitors and email them updated order status as soon as the system processes the order.
Automated functions make your work easier and quicker. Develop marketing strategies to attract more visitors and sell more, don’t waste your time with manual data entry.

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At Elatos Web we are the Internet Commerce Engineers! We provide a cloud, fully integrated ERP, CRM, E-commerce, business intelligence, invoicing, sales and purchasing and many other tools to fulfil all customers’ needs. A unique solution at a very competitive price.

Elatos Web is the cloud business management software that you are looking for!

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