ELATOS WEB is much more than a standard business management software: It is web-based and constantly updated.

ELATOS WEB is a web-based business management software including ERP, CRM and E-commerce and provides three different solutions:
- light,
- professional,
- business,
starting from only €25 user/month! And the first month is completely free of charge! Choose the solution which better suits your business needs!

erp ondemandAre you interested in ELATOS WEB? Why don’t you try the light solution? It’s only €25 a month! As soon as you start using it, you will see running your company has never been so simple! Data sharing in real time, anywhere, anytime access, mobile apps to run your business while on the go. Thanks to integrated CRM, communication will become more effective with both your actual and potential clients, while E-commerce and sale functions will enable you to better manage all business activities and so to earn more. And then, together with the growing of your company turnover, you can decide to upgrade your subscription, too.


No downloads. No software installation required. No IT or book-keeping skills required. Using Elatos Web is as simple as visiting a website: from your Mac, pc, tablet or smartphone digit www.elatosweb.co.uk, login and manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Update information, contact leads and new opportunities, enter orders, check stock, analyse corporate data and performance in a click, in real time. Elatos Web cloud, pay-per-use ERP provides real-time data sharing: this guarantees all staff members have access to the same information both in the office or on the road.
Users can access their account and the whole database while they are on the go. Salespeople can add and edit leads, opportunities, and enter orders directly from their tablet or smartphone whenever and wherever they are.
Managers can assign tasks to any users, enter meetings and call-outs to their agenda for an easier, better and more effective project management.
Busy businessmen can view user activities, run all functions and check sales, turnover, business performance and any corporate data anytime. They can make sure everything is running smoothly and make faster, informed decisions.

Benefit from Elatos Web innovative cloud solutions today. Subscribe now and for 30 days you will have full access to all ELATOS WEB functions.

We trust the business management software ELATOS WEB can fulfill all your needs. If it doesn’t, feel free to unsubscribe anytime, there are no contract restrictions, no long term commitment.


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