Would you like to see your company grow...

… without having to worry about ICT?

Elatos Web is the solution you are looking for.

Elatos Web is a cloud, pay-per-use business software solution.

Elatos Web is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), with built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and free e-commerce business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) integration.
Project management is extremely easy thanks to a shared agenda to manage workflow, meetings, call-out visits and ability to assign tasks to your team.
Make quicker, informed decisions thanks to up-to-date analytics and financial reporting. These tools also enable better planning and forecasting.
Supply chain allows you to collaborate more effectively and simpler with your customers and suppliers. In a click you can manage demand and supply and exchange emails directly from Elatos Web because our procedures are highly automated. Drop-shipping and just-in-time delivery guarantees you can reduce stock amount and logistic worries.
Human Resources is integrated with projects, finance, and service orders and this improves your efficiency, time recording and expense management.

Elatos Web pay-per-use ERP integrates more than 600 functions, click here to find them out.

Elatos Web provides you free e-commerce. Create your own e-commerce, configure settings in a simple way and sell immediately over the web. Let leads find you and let them enter orders. You organise dispatch and send default e-mails to your customers.
Web-catalogue is a valid alternative to e-commerce. Display your products: your website becomes your window shop worldwide, without any further worries. It’s linked to your warehouse and it is always updated. You can now also get a catalogue app from any devices, tablets, smartphone, ipad or iphone.

Click here to discover all services provided by Elatos Web.

At Elatos Web we develop automation. Don’t waste your time with useless, double data entry, let Elatos Web do it for you while you focus on letting your company grow.

Are you still doing everything manually? Have a look at our automation that saves you time and money!


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