Are you still wasting a lot of time with useless double data entry?

Focus instead on more profitable activities!

Elatos Web skilled team has developed more than 50 customised solutions and a lot of automation that fulfil all business needs and that make your work easier, quicker and more profitable!

We at Elatos Web do believe that machines can be very useful to execute repetitive activities therefore we provide our customers with a powerful solution: Elatos Web cloud ERP on-demand and a lot of specific, ad hoc integrated automation. And while you deploy your pc for such boring activities, you can concentrate on more intellectual activities such as develop new business strategies to obtain more results, improve customer care or realise marketing campaigns

Automation and ad hoc solutions can become an ally for employees, but will never replace them.

According to Elatos Web this is the key to successful companies:


Here you can find some successful examples:

Recurring invoice automation allows you to save a lot of time, if you regularly bill your customers for repeat services.

Online, electronic billing automation speeds up the whole invoicing process and even payments.

Generate subscription invoices at regular intervals: weekly, monthly or yearly.

Create and mail bulk invoices in a click directly through Elatos Web.

No postage fees nor delays. Your customers receive your invoice as soon as you send them.

Click on the image below to find out more about Elatos Web recurring invoice automation:

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Some of our clients are Spicers customers. For them we have developed ad hoc automation and specific solutions that are integrated in Elatos Web web-based business management software and that include:

■ check Spicers stock availability in real time, in a click, directly through Elatos Web software,
automatic conversion of your customer orders into supplier orders (i.e. Spicers order without further manual data entry),
automatic dispatch of orders to Spicers: automated procedure creates order for Spicers converting your customer order and mail them to Spicers directly from a function inside Elatos Web,
tracking download to have constantly updated information about the delivery of your orders and drop shipment enables direct dispatch of Spicers goods to your customers,
■ automatic entry of Spicers delivery notes.

Click on the image below to discover Elatos Web ad hoc automation for Spicers customers:

customised solutions for spicers customers

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