All your data in a single database with ELATOS WEB!

ELATOS WEB, the ERP on-demand, enables digital orders and subsequent automatic processing. That means it is possible to manage the whole sale and purchase procedure, starting from prospects, customers and suppliers to orders, invoices and payments, to delivery and management of warehouse, to entering items in the books and archiving documents for accounting purposes.

erp on-demandA single, web-based database guarantees all data are available for all users anytime, anywhere, from any devices.

ELATOS WEB functions include:

  • CRM;
  • sales orders;
  • purchase orders;
  • warehouse;
  • accounting;
  • sales team;
  • data sharing;
  • and other functions.

ELATOS WEB provides an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which enables you to trace every single step of the relationship with both your prospects and customers, starting from the very first contact, such as the filling of your website contact form or incoming/outcoming calls.

It is essential to keep trace of all interactions with your customers and don’t stop when a prospect has placed the first order. As a matter of fact assistance is also very important for customer satisfaction.

With ELATOS WEB, the ERP on-demand, you can share information with other users, note down calls and their outcome, prepare internal analysis and graphs.

Other functions include:

  • tasks, i.e. who has to do what and by when, to manage commercial tasks, share them with other users, get alerts and mail notifications;

  • call center: both incoming and outcoming calls can be recorded or assigned to an operator;

  • opportunities: to manage commercial opportunities and customers’ profiles;

  • customer’s analysis about orders and payments: sale analysis, underpayment analysis, historical review of all sales;

  • marketing campaign management and comparison of expected and real results.

Outlining the customer’s profile means to know his business activity in order to perform a target analysis, a market analysis or a product analysis and offer them the best, targeted solution.
A Customer’s profile includes their personal data, attachments (e.g. documents) and a specific function enables you to convert prospects into customers.
Customer database can be imported from an Excel sheet and periodically re-imported.
Customers’ profiles allow you to manage:

  • endless contacts,
  • the sending of show invitations and greetings,
  • medium of origin,
  • sale groups,
  • information such as: store manager, area manager, stock manager, sale manager.

It is also possible to prepare a list of questions that a callcenter operator or the salesman should ask customers in order to get more information about them.
The more details you get about your customers, the more likely it is you can build a strong relationship with them because you can offer them exactly what they need.

This function enable you to select the customers to which you want to send an e-mail with attached a picture and the full description of your new product or service, its strengths and the reasons why customers should buy it.

There are a lot of CRM software, but ELATOS WEB is fully integrated in the ERP that means there is no redundancy. A horizontal information flow guarantees data is available for everybody, both your internal staff as well as agents can simultaneously manage CRM and share the same information.

Taking care of your customers is essential for your business and ELATOS WEB CRM helps you to communicate with them in a more effective way.

ELATOS WEB is a web-based business management software that enables you to manage the whole sale procedure in a mouse click.
Being able to process your sale orders quickly and efficiently will help you to develop stronger relationships with your customers and to save time and money. And that’s ELATOS WEB goal!
As a matter of fact this ERP on-demand enables you to send, receive, store, retrieve and share documents with both staff members and external agents.
Thanks to order to cash automation all sale procedures can be easily recorded. You just need to input data the first time and then specific functions enable you to develop them in the next step, from offers to invoices.
In fact with ELATOS WEB you can record all steps:

  • customer offer,
  • order confirmation,
  • single or multiple deliveries,
  • delivery notes,
  • immediate/postponed/pro-forma/commercial invoice.

erp  ondemand

During the start-up authorised users can block selected parts such as: users, payments, underpayment limit for the customer, source, ect.

When preparing an offer, apposite functions allow you to select customer, currency, exchange rate, quantities, payment and items.

All documents can be in extended formats (like MSWord) with graphs, pictures, links and technical drawings and it is possible to attach external files, such as orders received from customers and so on. It is also possible to select different languages.

All modules enable you to create PDF documents that can be customised in structure, logo and colours.

Orders can be created in different ways:

  • they are created automatically from an offer;
  • they are loaded manually;
  • they come from the B2B area.

After having received the order confirmation from your customer, you can turn it into another document (i.e. invoice) and eventually modify quantities and prices, while keeping trace of all previous steps. The order reserves the relevant quantities in the warehouse and makes possible to immediately know how profitable the sale is.

Outcoming goods create an immediate invoice or a delivery note followed by a postponed invoice.

The sales is automatically linked to accountancy: all items are entered in the books and archived in just one click.

Specific functions enable you to closer investigate your sales through a detailed analysis of your sales or mark-ups analysis.

With ELATOS WEB you can sell quicker thanks to conversion and automatic reorders functions, correctly manage warehouse and requirements and reduce low-value activities because agents can directly input data.

ELATOS WEB is a web-based business management software that enables you to manage the whole purchase procedure in a mouse click.
Being able to process your purchase orders efficiently and to arrange payments quickly will help you to develop stronger relationships with your suppliers and to save time and money. And that’s ELATOS WEB goal!
As a matter of fact this ERP on-demand enables you to send, receive, store, retrieve and share documents with both staff members and external agents.
Thanks to our purchase to pay automation all purchase procedures can be easily recorded. You just need to input data the first time and then specific functions enable you to turn them into the next step, from quotation requests to payments.

Purchase modules include:

  • quotation requests;
  • orders to suppliers;
  • returned items to suppliers;
  • automatic sending of purchase documents;
  • automatic recording of incoming goods into warehouse;
  • automatic reorders;
  • supply chain;
  • management of raw materials requirements;
  • analysis of purchasing costs.

erp on-demand

Quotation requests to suppliers aren’t compulsory, but they are extremely useful to make the whole process faster. As a matter of fact you can not only attach them to orders but also to turn them into invoices.

Automatic Reorders is a function that automatically creates reorders to supplier or quotation requests according to different criteria such as requirement, service level and range of coverage (days supply). But you can also change quantities or decide not to order at all.

After having prepared the document, you can send it:

  • as a pdf attachment to your email;
  • from the web to your supplier’s fax number;
  • supply chain: it allows you to automatically manage the relatioship with your suppliers through the web.

Warehouse modules offer various functions. For example incoming goods are recorded in the warehouse by simply choosing your supply on the apposite screen: you will see all undispatched orders and select the one you have just received. Or you can record them manually.

You can also record the invoice of your order by choosing your supplier, checking amounts and taxable amount and record its payment. Entering the item in the books closes this purchase transaction and it is archived for VAT and accounting purposes.

Specific functions enable you, for example:

  • to select promotional/standard prices,
  • to record just few of the incoming goods,
  • to copy transactions,
  • to manage the workflow of the whole transaction,
  • to understand delays and reasons,
  • to create queries,
  • to analyse data.

With ELATOS WEB your warehouse is constantly updated! Specific functions enable you to check your warehouse in real time, to reserve the goods the customer wants as soon as you receive an order or to immediately know how profitable the sale is.
erp, crm, ecommerce fully integrated

ELATOS WEB modules include:

  • inventory;
  • multiple warehouses;
  • automatic recording of incoming and outgoing goods;
  • immediate inventory for value and quantities;
  • progressive picking;
  • definition of delivery priorities;
  • trend charts;
  • understock;
  • analyses.

Picking is very important for those companies that don’t always have all goods they need. This function analyses the customers and according to their scores it decides to whom the goods have to be delivered first and it automatically creates delivery notes.

With ELATOS WEB you can manage more warehouses and move goods from one place to another one: for every document you can choose the origin warehouse and the destination one.

All transactions produce an immediate effect on the available quantities: incoming and outcoming goods are recorded as soon as they are delivered and therefore items are constantly updated as soon as orders and delivery notes are recorded or change.

For the first inventory it is possible to import data from an Excel sheet and then there is a specific function to check stock in hand and their value.

Elatos Web also helps suppliers to better manage supply chain, i.e. to organise people, technology, know-how and all necessary resources to transform raw materials into a finished product or service for customers.

ELATOS WEB covers all accountancy areas, e.g. General accountancy and VAT accountancy. 

You can check your balance sheet in real time, as well as client and suppliers T-accounts, etc.

You can also see your credits and your financial assets in just one mouse click.

Moreover you can share your accountancy with your business consultant.

CRM is fully integrated in ELATOS WEB ERP that means there is no redundancy!

horizontal information flow means data is available for everybody at the same time: ELATOS WEB allows you not only to share documents and data but also provides an integrated CRM so both your internal staff and external agents can quickly access all information about your prospects and customers and communication becomes more effective. This will help you to gain more commercial opportunities!

Your agents and your sales department will be able to log in not only from inside, but also from outside the company and:

  • input orders,
  • manage sales,
  • offers,
  • promotions,
  • as well as analyse commissions and turnovers.

And everything happens in real time: i.e. when an agent inputs an order, that amount will be set aside in the warehouse and the system will show the updated, available quantity.

erp on demand

fully integrated software solution

Data sharing is one of the most important features of ELATOS WEB. This software solution is based on the idea that company information should be managed horizontally by all users and therefore ELATOS WEB provides a single database that is shared both internally and externally the company.

ELATOS WEB gives you freedom to access to all your company data anytime, anywhere, from any devices.

This ERP on-demand guarantees data sharing and therefore information are available not only for internal users, but also for external ones.

Your BUSINESS CONSULTANT can share your data and manage them, avoiding useless and time-consuming data-entry. Thanks to data sharing even small-sized companies can benefit from web potentialities and save money while business consultants can focus on data analysis and consulting. Accounting is not only a law requirement, but it is also a mean to understand and control commercial and productive trends and profit margins in order to foresee and eventually correct any mistakes. The ERP on-demand ELATOS WEB guarantees a perfect multichannel integration and that underlies the success of innovative companies developing on the web.

A specific area for SALES TEAM is connected in real time with the ERP on-demand ELATOS WEB. Both internal and external staff can manage information, enter orders, check their commisions, consult commercial data about customers, manage commercial offers and prospects through online CRM. No manual data entry required, all information entered from outside the company through any devices (iPad, notebook, PC) are stored automatically and in real time in the database from the system. Sales team app is included in ELATOS WEB at no extra charge.

An advanced CRM is fully integrated in the ERP on-demand ELATOS WEB: a single database contains all data entered both inside and outside the company and you can manage all CRM functions related to prospects and clients thanks to specific apps.

B2B is fully integrated in this online software solution: data are updated in real time, there is no need to enter data manually or twice. Customers can input their own orders or check their purchase hystory because they can access company information.

Special apps for stores enable employees of the Point-of-Sale to scan items with a barcode, to close cash desks and analyse sales in few clicks. Sales can be checked in real time also outside the companies.

A Webmail is integrated in this ERP on-demand: ELATOS WEB database guarantees data sharing and avoids data redundancy because users can send e-mails to prospects and customers directly and there is no need to use an internal mail server or expensive mail systems.

With Project management module you can:

  • define a project;
  • link it to the customer;
  • link to colleagues;
  • define what needs to be done;
  • plan and assign activities;
  • write it down on the agenda;
  • check development;
  • and see when work has been completed.

With ELATOS WEB project management you can also monitor in real time what hasn’t been done yet and delegate it to different users. This guarantees you will forget nothing!
At the end of the day or when the work has been completed, it is also possible to close such activity and send an email to both your boss and your customer.

Are you looking for a CRM software solution that enables more sales and better customer service and satisfaction?
Thanks to Elatos Web CRM you can create e-mail campaigns in order to reach and engage more customers and prospects.

CRM functions allow you to:
- upload customer and prospect lists;
- analyse customer reaction to previous campaigns;
- create and schedule email campaigns;
- generate track opens, clicks and bounce backs;
- create real time reports
- to analyse performance of your campaigns.

All these functions are included in the CRM and available for all users at no extra costs.

Elatos Web is a complete, multiplatform, multichanne, business management software on-demand with buit-in CRM, ERP, E-commerce, business intelligence, invoicing, sales and purchasing automation integration. As all functions are integrated in a single, very competitive business management software solution.

This ERP on-demand provides more functions than a normal software solution. ELATOS WEB wants all businesses to benefit of its services and functions, especially small- and medium-sized ones that normally don’t have enough resources to accurately analyse their information in order to improve and to choose the business strategy. ELATOS WEB guarantees company data are available anywhere, anytime and are stored in a single database with safe and recurrent backups, all information are shared with the whole company and entered only once.

In addition to other functions ELATOS WEB also provides:

  • a shared agenda;
  • a text editor;
  • web fax and sms gateway integrated in the software solution;
  • webmail shared with ERP data;
  • notepad;
  • timesheet;
  • material requirements planning.

ELATOS WEB includes a shared agenda: when logging in, every user sees on the screen what they have planned for that specific day or on any other date. It is also possible to add more activities or too find out if there has been a delay compared with plans.
Shared agenda means all enabled users can see other users’ agenda and add appointments or move them, but you can also decide not to share such information.
Specific functions enable you to:

  • remember deadlines and other important dates;
  • search and print in different formats according to the period;
  • link every work to a project, customer (in order to know what has been done for whom), agent or product.

In a click the appointment can be shared with other users (they will receive an email alert) or move it into another agenda.
If you write down the address of your appointment, a link to google maps will show you the best route to get there.
All these information enable you to analyse the profitability of activities.

Timesheet function enables to:

  • analise projects in progress,
  • compare worked hours with planned ones;
  • see how much time every users has spent on each project: a graph immediately shows where and how resource is used.
  • All data can be print and exported on a pdf file.

Elatos Web also provides material requirements planning (MRP) to help manufacturing with the production planning and inventory control system. MRP functions are aimed to keep stock values low but to ensure all materials and products are available for timely production and delivery respectively; to plan all related activities, such as: manufacturing, delivery schedules and purchasing. MRP tools enable you to better manage manufacturing process!

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