Elatos eBay module to sell more and faster!

elatos ebay automation

Elatos Web passed eBay’s application check process and achieved the developers program member status.

Elatos Web cloud ERP provides seamless built-in eBay integration to sell your products on this famous platform and manage the whole process directly from Elatos Web ERP.

Publish your listings on eBay in a click directly from Elatos Web, the all-in-one cloud ERP / CRM / E-commerce solution!

Elatos Web cloud software solution with built-in eBay automation integration helps you to sell more and faster!

EBay listings, e-commerce and product database are strictly linked together and synchronised in real time.

In a click you can publish listings, automatically manage listings and orders and synchronise them with Elatos Web business software.

ebay integration

How many eBay accounts can I manage with Elatos?

With Elatos you can manage as many eBay accounts (both accounts and shops) as you wish.

Can I use the same product description for eBay, ecommerce and ERP?

Of course! Once you have entered a product description in Elatos Web ERP, you can immediately use it to sell your product on eBay or on your ecommerce.

Can I manage eBay orders directly with Elatos Web ERP?

Of course! Orders coming from all Marketplaces are automatically entered into Elatos Web ERP, so you will find all orders in Elatos Web ERP, ready to be fulfilled. This save you precious time and avoids you to manually enter the same data twice.

When I sell a product on eBay or on my e-commerce website, is stock availability synchronised?

Of course! With Elatos Web stock availability is synchronised on all Marketplaces in which you sell your products. For example if one of your products is on sale both on eBay and on your ecommerce and you have only one piece of that specific product, the product will be removed from EBay listings, as soon as it is sold on your ecommerce website.

Can I use Elatos with my iPad?

Of course! Elatos Web is 100% web-based and you can access it from any devices, including Apple iPad and Android tablets, you only need an Internet connection.

The best way to deploy these features is to choose Elatos web business management software with seamless e-commerce integration.

Elatos eBay module is constantly developing.

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