Send a sms to your customers through Elatos Web erp!

management of smsElatos Web is very proud to launch its integration with Skebby sms in order to provide its clients with a wider range of services.

At Elatos Web, we have developed an ad hoc procedure that enables our clients to send sms to their customers. Elatos Web management of sms is a very versatile function: it allows you to communicate with all your customers in a fast, effective way. Send them a text message to inform them about the launch of a new product or a particular promotion, the arrival of a product they ordered, order or payment confirmation, but it can also be deployed for school notices, for meeting invitation and so on.

This function uses Skebby’s ( sms API (Application Programming Interface) and requires a Skebby account. Elatos Web SMS service is integrated and built-in the cloud ERP software on-demand, so you need no real mobile phone to send text messages but you do it directly from Elatos Web by selecting customer details that you have already entered in the system, or adding new one and the procedure will automatically update all information.
Data sharing is essential in a busy society where wasted time means wasted money. Data sharing is at the basis of effective ERP such as Elatos Web 100% web-based ERP. Elatos Web focuses on providing its clients the most effective and productive business tools: it avoids useless, time-consuming double data entry and pursue automation that gives you more time to focus on your core business.

Elatos Web management of SMS includes many functions, such as: delivery reports, data extraction and pre-loaded text messages. Elatos Web SMS service is fully integrated in the cloud ERP software, together with many other integrated solutions including CRM, E-commerce B2B, B2C, business intelligence, invoicing, sales force automation, warehouse, sales and purchasing.

Get in touch with us now: you will find out sms are an innovative, good value, effective way of communication!

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